Tips To Choose Solar Koolscapes Solar Cascading Fountain

Solar Koolscapes Solar Cascading Fountain

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Solar Koolscapes Solar Cascading Fountain
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Solar Koolscapes Solar Cascading Fountain Review

Showcasing a cascading bowl design, this eco-friendly terracotta fountain lends a touch of elegance to your garden or patio. ( Read more ... )
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Take a chance at reducing UV rays from entering your space with this polyethylene solar shade. Showcasing an all-weather fade-and-mildew resistant design, this shade is capable of adding privacy to the patio or a touch of decor to the sunroom. The knitted fabric of this shade allows a cool breeze to pass through.
This product looks natural in a variety of pond settings. Heavy-duty molded construction is designed to withstand heavy water loads. Portable, lightweight and easier to install than real rocks. Includes a built-in fitting to attach the hose directly from your pump.
Light up the night with the illuminating technology of the Atomic Azure 58.25'' Foosball Table. The fully-lighted table provides a magical foosball experience as the centerpiece in your game room or basement. The Atomic Azure 58.25'' Foosball Table features interactive in rail blue LED lighting with cascading effects paired with in-game music. To enhance the in-the-dark play experience, both the foosball and goal boxes light up with blue illuminating exterior legs.
This decorative solar-on-demand fountain is sure to bring elements of peace, serenity, and class to your garden, patio, porch or deck. The water gracefully flows from the top of the ball down to the top of the pedestal base where it then recirculates with the help of the submersible solar pump. When you combine the beauty with the soothing sounds, your outdoor space will be the place to sit and relax. Use solar power to energize your outdoor decor. No more unsightly extension cords running...
Create your own mid-size outdoor solar fountain experience on your patio, in the garden or yard with this convenient solar pump and panel kit. Features a dry protection pump so if water runs low the pump will shut down to not burn out the pump. This will prevent a need to replace the pump. This kit comes with a 16' cord which connects the pump to the solar panel. This pump can operate on solar and battery power when set to the on position. In good sunlight conditions, the pump will be powered...
Relax, destress, and unwind with this new slate tabletop fountain at your side. With its warm, earthy colors, and unique ascending tier style, it's the perfect item to accent and compliments any room in your home. Turn on its built-in LED light to softly illuminate your room as you unwind from a busy day, or simply take time to listen to its peaceful trickle of water. No plumbing is required; all you have to do is fill, assemble, and plug in the cord to a standard indoor electrical outlet.
This Copper/Natural Stone Fountain with Light will add modern zen to any indoor living space, patio or yard. Each fountain features slate construction and has a flat back making it perfect for placement along with a foyer, hallway, dining room, patio, or garden wall. The rippling slate design paired with the copper middle piece makes for a truly stunning design. As with most copper aging transitions, the copper face of this fountain will take on a beautiful patina finish over time. You will...
This outdoor barrel fountain is the perfect rustic feature for any garden or patio. Each barrel is made of real fir and features metal rings, adding authentic details to this fountain. The durable plastic liners inside the barrels contain the gentle stream of water and ensure the longevity of this outdoor d├ęcor.water is recirculated through the fountain with the included electric submersible JR-600 pump. The JR-600 will pump up to 160 gallons per hour. No plumbing is required to set up this...
Add classic French charm to your patio or garden walls with this solar-powered solar on demand outdoor wall water fountain. It features a classic fleur-de-lis design and contemporary overall style. Water flows from the spout of the French lily and into the level below where it splits into three streams and flows into the basin. Water recirculates in the basin using the solar-powered pump. The pump is plugged into a solar panel that runs the fountain via the sun. The fountain features a poly...
This Polystone Solar Mushrooms Fountain with Light is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Water spills from the top level into the bottom basin creating a calming and serene surrounding. House light and mushrooms light up with LED lights due to the solar panel in the back or from the included battery.

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